"Learning is as never-ending as love." - Ann Jacobe
Still looking for a Hackerspace Hotspot to Skyrocket your Startup? Welcome to Palet Express!
Friday, March 21, 2014

Excitement for me is an understatement when it comes to sharing what I know. Hopefully I can contribute and help anybody who is willing to listen.

I fondly remember those times when being a Technopreneur was totally unheard of.  It was a whole new ball game, yet there was something in me that wanted to push myself further.  I wanted to learn new things and mix and match them up with what I know.

Establishing yourself is a collage of trials and errors but for me it was always about going all out and taking risks. But it’s not that easy, especially when you’re just starting up your business operation on a limited budget. I want to see a new generation of start-ups who are much braver and much more curious to do and achieve even more... and I believe that’s what the Palet Express can do... ignite and reinforce their passions!

palet express manila

Palet Express is one avenue where one can counter his fear of failure and act on his dream- now! I can only look back how challenging it was to begin and tread my own path despite the odds and limitations. With Palet Express, there’s no perfect time than today to define that dream!

I see my being part of the Palet Express as an opportunity to help start- ups move and go about their business the cost effective way... It’s all about empowering yourself and doing things your way without the small worries!

Welcome to the Palet Express

It’s our co-working center, it’s a hackerspace (that’s what we call it) where we (YouPhoric Labs) and other companies of various fields can co-exist, share resources, skills and knowledge. This is where we socialize and learn from others. Diversity is fun actually, sure beats the usual dull setup especially during siesta, when you’re sleepy and in need for an engaging conversation with someone coming from an outside perspective from what you usually do.

palet express manila

palet express manila

palet express manila

The Palet Express offers an amiable sense of atmosphere wherein facilities are shared just like classmates and dorm mates. Individuals with rich backgrounds and disciplines also round out the experience. Talk about looking at a vast network with robust resources to boost your start-up business.

We help you start your desired business in an instant! We are here at the 4th Floor of the Molave Building in Chino Roces, Makati if you want a glimpse, we want new neighbors, and that neighbor can be you!

Do the Unthinkable!

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