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Breaking Barriers - Inspire Camp Talk (in full audio)
Tuesday, 25, March 2014

Last Friday’s DLSU Google Campus Week talk was definitely one of the speaking engagements in my book. Through it, I had the opportunity to share my story with others. It was a fulfilling and a heartfelt one. Presenting it and having people get a glimpse of my life as a start up as well as the fruition of my dream advocacies was pretty emotional. Judging from the feedback I got, I hope I’ve left the attendees with a spark of inspiration. It’s all about following your dreams, breaking the barriers and making them come true!

 lasalle talk

Here’s a recorded version of the exact speech I did if you want to hear my inspirational (ahem!) piece in all it's recorded audio glory! 

Or you may listen to it by clicking this link https://soundcloud.com/ann-villar-jacobe/breaking-barriers

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