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Calm and Proud
Wednesday, 26, March 2014

I am really pleased to announce the launch of Certified Calm’s ecommerce website www.certifiedcalm.com. We have been instrumental in its construction and we’re very proud of its completion! It’s pretty rewarding to see something that you totally embrace and support come to fruition. Do check out their page as they have a really diverse lineup of products to empower the active woman in you!

Certified Calm Featured Enthusiast Lorna Jane

Oh, and have I already mentioned that I am their Featured Enthusiast this month? I am really honored to be a part of it because I really love what they embody. Being the multi-tasking Technopreneur and Shoephoric that I am, being healthy will always be on top of my list, and that’s what Certified Calm totally backs up 100%! Again, congratulations Certified Calm!

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