"Learning is as never-ending as love." - Ann Jacobe
Catching the Wave and Inspiring Others
Thursday, 3, April 2014

Now that summer is here. I feel like I have the creative license to compare my drive and enthusiasm to the burning heat of the sun... it’s unwavering and cannot be stopped, it’s intense and powerful! With that being said, I can feel waves of energy coming my direction, and it feels so good!

The First Wave

Early this week, I was interviewed by Howie Severino on GMA News TV's News To Go. I had my say on a variety of topics, including how challenging it was for a woman to start in a male-dominated IT environment, down to my consistently strong passion for shoes. The experience was amazing! Thank you so much to the GMA News To Go team for the opportunity. It was totally a unique experience. Later that day, streams of congratulatory messages came my way from family and friends: it was humbling beyond words.

The Second Wave

It came from the form of messages on my Facebook page from young women from the IT industry, referring to my TV appearance as “inspiring and very motivating.” I was so pleased, because it was really not about me as “me”. It was about getting others inspired, especially young women. I feel that with my success comes a great deal of responsibility and that is to share my formula for success: Take Risks. Chase Dreams. Be Fulfilled. Nothing comes close to succeeding on your own terms.

News To Go Ann Jacobe Howie Severino

The Next Wave

It’s something that we are bracing ourselves for and the time is now- the perfect time to position yourself in any field there is that you may desire then bring it on the net! IT IS A WAVE OF PROGRESS... we did it before and the younger generation along with us will do it again, this time much bigger, better and stronger. I really encourage you to go for it, BECAUSE THE NEXT WAVE WILL BE FROM YOU! If there are impactful ideas that are brewing already, I'LL BET MY SHOE COLLECTION THAT UNIQUE AND AUTHENTIC SKILLS AND TALENTS WILL BE RIDING ON THEM STRONG.

Do the Unthinkable!


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