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The Power of Positivity
Tuesday, 15, April 2014

Being on top of things begins with having an optimistic mindset, with all the stress and the toxicity around us, I can understand why it becomes more and more of a challenge to maintain it, let alone influence others. But we can’t let negativity win over us right?

The word optimism comes from the word optimus, which means "best". It’s a generalization that an optimistic individual always finds the best in every bad situation and sees the most positive of possibilities with EVERY dilemma. For me, when I was starting out, the odds were definitely not in my favor, but I chose to keep a sunny disposition. Curveballs thrown at me were learning curves that made me a better person and all the negative elements contributed to what I am enjoying right now! And the process continues.

Studies show that a positive attitude has very good impact on one’s mental well being. It is also good for the physical aspect too. Positive thinkers get sick lesser and live fuller, more satisfying lives. It was also proven that a positive demeanor keeps the immune system and the body’s defense system in check, also heightens one’s tolerance to stressful situations.

Positivity begins too in the way you carry a conversation with yourself. When you start the day believing that something good will come your way, it may or may not happen but you have nothing to lose and a lot more to gain. Positive thinkers are go-getters with the belief that they are responsible for all their actions, so they work for good results. Also, positive people NEVER lay the blame on themselves and others, they view it as a situation THAT’S WAY BEYOND THEIR CONTROL. They simply smile and let go and move on.

I know it looks easy written, but the results are phenomenal. If we can exercise and train ourselves for the better, we can do the same to our outlook. Take a deep breath, look at things in a brighter light and smile. Own your world.

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Do you have your own ways of getting positive vibes into your life? Share with us your inspiration.

Much love!


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