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Shoephoric Reasons: The Shoephoric Shops Launch
Thursday, 9, May 2014

Shoes are definitely on top of my priority list. They play a huge role in my outfit choices for the day and I find it awesome to share this hobby of mine with everyone- every single day!

shoephoric shops

That was the primary objective for www.shoephoric.com. After a lot of planning that went on and on for over a year and with my experience as a customer and a service provider, I believe that NOW is the perfect time to open the SHOEPHORIC SHOPS to give all collectors, merchants and resellers a PLATFORM TO BUY AND SELL SHOES ONLINE. All I can say is that I’m in a state of shoephoria! Let me count the reasons why:

  • IT’S HAPPENING FINALLY! - As you all know, aside from being a community that welcomes everyone with the love for shoes, it was just a vision and it’s fully on a roll!

 shoephoric merchant

  • A DIVERSE SELECTION! - I'm excited with the fact that the site can be a venue to sell and acquire a wide selection of shoes... from sneakers, to the heeled kind!
  • THE WHOLE NINE YARDS! - We’ve got it covered! From the product showcase down to the delivery. We have convenient payment schemes that are safe and efficient.
  • MAKE YOUR STORE UNIQUE! - Merchants can customize their own shop’s look and image. They can manage their inventory conveniently and even assign sales admins so they never miss out on orders and inquiries.

shoephoric merchant page

  • SHOP ONLINE 24/7- Best of all I would love to have shops that I can check out and buy from at a click of a button, along with a hundred thousand strong Shoephorics! We are definitely growing!

We would be glad to assist you in any way we can for any inquiries you may have in mind! Email me at ann@shoephoric.com if you’re interested! Whether you’re a merchant or a buyer, you’re definitely welcome!

To Shoes and Success!

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