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Happy Birthday My Hardcore Sister!
Friday, 17, May 2014

ann jacobe sister peachy

Dear Peachy,

It’s such an awesome feeling to have you with me everyday. You make all my worries and challenges smaller than they seem. You make the impossible seem like a breeze to pull off... it’s almost of magical proportions and I am still in awe on how you do it.

You always set aside yourself for the benefit of others and you're happy doing that. It’s pretty rare that I encounter people like you and the best thing about it is I get to witness your selflessness at home and at work every single day.

You are that practical voice beside me, that whenever I buy something that’s too expensive, you never fail to give me a unique perspective on what otherwise could be bought with that kind of money. All you have to say is "Opportunity Cost" and that would make me reconsider my purchase. I really love hearing out your opinion, coming from an Economics Major’s perspective. Regardless of the number talk, it always comes through like a welcome ray of sunshine to an otherwise dull morning.

With you, I’m not afraid to soar and explore the possibilities because I am aware that if I fail and falter, you’ll be there to pick me up and make me feel strong again. With you, I am more daring, yet calculated, wiser in every step I make. You balance everything out and give me that extra boost of energy when I need it. Without you I couldn’t have achieved everything faster than I did... and I’m forever thankful.

I can only wish you the best that life can offer because you deserve it. May you be happy, strong and healthy so that we can continue what we’ve started and chase our dreams together!

Happy Birthday My Hardcore Sister!

Much Love,

ann jacobe


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