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PHSical: An Exclusive Workout that Pumps You Up... Inside and Out!
Saturday, 5, July 2014
PHSical is a uniquely put-together program that combines strength and conditioning with dance and yoga. The result is a well-calculated formula workout that promotes a strong, agile, flexible and graceful body.
phsical strength and conditioning
Each discipline has their key purpose in bringing out optimum results in one’s physical appearance and performance. Every part of the program has a corresponding expert for each session- assuring you the whole nine yards of fitness in a short span of time.
PHSical Dance
Constantly challenging and fun, the exercises gradually increase in difficulty that pushes the envelope of what the human body can do. PHSical starts out with a dance routine to much more intense workout leading to a climax and finally, a rewarding cooldown. PHSical will get you all renewed and rejuvenated!
PHSical yoga
Let’s get PHSical… Effective, fun and rewarding by design. 
Ann Jacobe


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