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Setting Everything in Motion
Friday, 8, August 2014

In business it's all about knowing yourself and your target market. Makes for an effective practice.

Ann Jacobe Entrpreneur Philippines

That's the main topic I decided to tackle when I was tapped by Entrepreneur Philippines for their "Start It Up Diaries." Writing it was like facing a mirror and examining myself and what my businesses have become. I can safely say that I'm definitely practicing what I'm preaching. From the very beginnings of Youphoric Labs to my other venture of love- Shoephoric.

It was all about making sure that we've got everything down pat. Having a close-knit group of visionary customers who were downright honest and frank really helped me and my team to become secure and confident that we are on the right path. It was all about tapping into the power of Customer Validation... Do get a copy and tell me what you think. Hopefully through my experience, budding startups may get a helpful tip from my article. Much thanks to the Entrepreneur Philippines team for making it possible.

Entrepreneur Philippines Ann Jacobe

I am also very excited for this talk that I will be having this September 10 at the 12th Youth Congress on Information Technology 2014 (Y4iT XII) in SMX Convention Center. My talk is entitled 'Timing & Grace' - it will basically chronicle my 10 year experience and knowledge in my line of business and more. You may notice that the title sounds more like a dance event than a business talk, it's because I treat business as I treat my dance discipline - it's all about the timing in seizing opportunities and executing your vision with finesse and grace. The show must go on, and so should your business.

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