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The Calming Force of Change
Monday, 18, August 2014

Last weekend, I was interviewed by students asking me how I got to adapt to this healthier path, this lifestyle that entails so much discipline and commitment. In fact, I used to find excuses and look for the easier way out. It then struck me, that I've finally come to terms with myself... 

Ann Jacobe

I call it my inner peace. It's a state wherein you just accept the way things are, that if you're always in denial, you will never make that move successfully. You come to terms with the premise that with acceptance comes natural change. It flows organically, a chain reaction, a string of great events that will never happen if you don't accept and make actions.

Happiness and satisfaction can never be achieved when you are undergoing an internal battle. It's a constant tug of war of "what if's" and "why's." In my situation I've learned to accept that I have to work for it if I want it bad. You embrace your current state and you make changes in a spontaneous fashion, not because you're told to, it's because you want to.

From stillness and calm comes the end of struggles and strife. It all amounts with the desire to end the conflict with a stronger resolve and a new found sense of self that only we can muster. 

Ann Jacobe Keep Calm

Keep calm and make that change!


Ann Jacobe

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