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The Kira Nike Doernbecher Dunk Sky High: Happiness Magnified with Every Step.
Wednesday, 20, August 2014
There’s nothing like daydreaming about your M.C.S. (Most Coveted Shoe, yeah I made that up.) It’s just that feeling like you just don’t want it, you NEED it... really BAD.
 Kira Nike Doernbecher Dunk Sky High
Well, the last few months have been a few purchases here and there to numb the heartache of not being able to own the apple of my eye. It’s a sad fact that no matter how many shoes you purchase, there’s the one that got away.
But just a few days ago, I was able to track one down... in my size at a steal price, it was heaven,  I was SHOEPHORIC!
Let me introduce you to my best friend, the shoe that sings me “everything’s gonna be alright, now that I found you.”
 Kira Nike Doernbecher Dunk Sky High
  (Thanks Cristine Ongson for capturing the beauty of Kira... check the awesome details of these shoes at http://shoephoric.com/ViewAlbum-2003-Kira-Nike-Doernbecher)
The Kira Nike Doernbecher Dunk Sky High was designed by Kira, an awesome 17 year old with a penchant for frills and lace, performance and poetry. Her designs are more than impressive and that shows with every angle of this masterpiece. A clever mix of Victorian fashion and the dreamy vibe of Alice in Wonderland, this particular shoe boasts of lace details, ribbon laces and sexy corset heel panels .
The best thing about this shoe is that it represents patients with mental illness. The shoes have a purpose, a cause that makes me love my pair even more. Being a limited edition release, I just can’t believe that I finally have one to rock for any occasion - because I want to. 
I call it fate.
Always be SHOEPHORIC! 
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