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The Inner Beauty of Competition Realized
Wednesday , 26, August 2014

I love the concept of competing. It gives me the drive to be my best in what I do. Recently, I started preparing for a dance competition and I am so looking forward to it. Coming off victorious from many competitions myself, I am in love with winning. But this time, my definition of winning has changed. I’ve just realized that engaging in competition alone is already taking home the bacon.

Ann Jacobe Tango

Why is that, you may ask? I’ve just gotten influenced by this gem of a book entitled “Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff”, a gift from my dear sister Peachy and daughter Toska. There’s a chapter that struck a chord in me, it says that you must compete not just for the sake of winning, you should compete FROM THE HEART. Life itself is a major competition, the moment you wake up, you are already competing with yourself and it’s an awesome fact. You compete because you love to display your talents, your passion is reaffirmed and a fire in you is lit time and time again everytime you don that gameface.

ann jacobe tango
Being immersed in the experience, the mere fact that you are doing what you love alongside people who are as passionate as you, with a crowd to witness you in all your competitive glory, you are creating winning memories that will leave a mark on others.

ann jacobe tango

You are creating an impact that can be felt and hopefully influence others to step up and embrace their competitive selves.

To compete from the heart FULFILLS me. Knowing you’re giving your all, is already winning the battle and it makes winning much sweeter. A true champion knows how to embrace herself, how to compete and why winning isn't the only thing

Win Smiling! 

ann jacobe

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