"Learning is as never-ending as love." - Ann Jacobe
Wednesday, 17, September 2014


Seth Godin is one of my favorite authors. In his latest book The Icarus Deception, he gave a different meaning to what art is. Something that we can apply to what we do, to renew the fire inside us.

We in the IT or Business fields might think that we are no artists. That what we do is practical stuff, not art. 

Have you ever felt that when you talk about business or computer-related stuff, you have no artistry in you? That what you do is just plain work or responsibility. That it's mechanical - no heart, no emotion... 

I disagree!

Although I love what I do with so much passion, I used to have that mindset that I am no artist. Learning about this new perspective of art changed my concept of work and made me appreciate what I do more. It inspired me to be even better at work and generally in everything I do - IT, business management, dancing, wellness and motherhood. All of them are artforms of choice that I'm truly proud of. 

We are Artists 

Art is everywhere, the movie you last saw, that album you last listened to, the latest fashion collection you just checked out. Everything done with creativity, insight and boldness is art.

I'm not exaggerating when I even go to the idea that what we do as Technopreneurs is art! Why?

We are Risk Takers

Artists are known for possessing non- conventional minds. They don't play it safe and they defy rules. They create unique masterpieces that make them remarkable. 

Technopreneurs venture to offer unique solutions to everyday problems. People call us crazy because the path we follow is less pursued and explored. We challenge what is here to offer what is better. 

We are Creative 

We create solutions to make lives better. We innovate to improve systems. We invest time and effort to provide a simple solution to complicated processes. All these require immense creativity, dedication and persistence.

We are restless.

Artists never stop creating masterpieces. They continue to make better art. 

Technopreneurs keep learning, improving and innovating. We cannot be complacent. We cannot stay in our comfort zones because if we do, we become obsolete. I asked myself why I fear complacency and why I want don't want to stop at what I have achieved. It is clear to me that I want to improve my work, to make lives better and to move others to do the same. You up the ante, your competitors follow suit and each one tries to make it better all the time. It's a healthy game that we should relentlessly play.

ArtIsTry is 

being courageous to step out of your comfort zone, make connections, to not be afraid to make mistakes, fail and be critized. 

My daughters set a good example of not being afraid to make mistakes, fail and try again. Not that they are stubborn like their Mom. Actually they are but in a good way. They love to dance, flip, twirl and bend. I could have been over protective but they persist and they eventually achieve what they want to do. Their fearless attitudes inspire me.

I could have been afraid to start a business because I don't have a starting capital nor the expertise to do what I want but my fears didn't stop me. New venture with no connections, failure, mistakes, criticisms - I went through them all but persistence is key.

ArtIsTry is 

to be able to see what others can't and be able to bring it to life in a unique way without a prescribed set of instructions.

I only had the basic knowledge of programming. The business I chose to venture in needed more than that. There was no manual or step by step instructions on how to do everything but if you observe keenly enough, you will get inspirations to feed your creativity and find solutions to bring your "art" to life.

ArtIsTry is 

doing what you love.

Following your heart and loving what you do will help manage your work, your business and your art. Without any questions, I.T. will make you manage it efficiently. Your expertise gives you the flexibility to take actions for the love of it and if you do, you will eventually be rewarded with kindred spirits because your art resonates with them. 

"…find out what you truly love to do and then direct all of your energy towards doing it." - Robin Sharma

When I asked myself what I truly love to do, I knew in my heart I wanted to be a technopreneur who will inspire others through my artIsTry. I have multiple passions but through my art, I am able to weave them all together. I would like to believe this happened because of the flexibility involved in combining technology and business in my endeavors. 

Part of my art is sharing my learnings and realizations that we may all get inspired to become the best versions of ourselves. It's a never ending process but never a tasking and tiring one because we love what we do. We all do have our doubts and hesitations if we can do what we want to achieve but if we use our minds as a blank canvas to paint a beautiful picture of the reality we want, then we can be what we want to be. 

As your art improves, so does the lives of others. 

Believe in your art, and everyone will...

Let your artistry speak for itself. 

To make art everyday is a gift. 

Art is a powerful medium.

Make a difference through your Art.

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