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The Faces Behind the Footwork: Meet the Shoephoric Team!
Tuesday, 7, October 2014
Entering almost 3 years in the scene, I feel that it's high time that we introduced the individuals behind Shoephoric. We have been head over heels (pardon the pun) in bringing shoe communities together as well as coming up with new ways to share and market wares for the shoentrepreneurs. The love for shoes serve only as a vehicle as we want it to lead to the growth of the community and veer it towards socially-relevant causes. One humble step at a time.
Shoephoric Team
For this month of October, we took the liberty of introducing ourselves to everyone... still as passionate and shoephoric as ever!
Shoephoric Team
We are in love with what we do, for we ourselves are believers, endorsers and fans of Shoephoric and its advocacies!

Shoephoric Team
Forever Shoephoric!
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