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The Game Theory
Tuesday, 14, October 2014

Just last week I have formulated a theory... 

In this world we have a lot of differences - characters, beliefs, attitudes, interests, preferences.

But despite those differences, we form partnerships, companionships, teams, groups that are based on common ground. Relationships withstand the test of time when we share common goals and values with our partner or group. A strong bond is established that resolves any indifferences that may arise along the way.  In this context, we don't form bonds or we separate or break away from people who don't share these commonalities with us. We grow faster when we are with people who share similar strong attributes as us. It is best to let go of relationships that present more resistance to our growth due to differences. It is not about putting people in cookie cutter molds or judging them. It is about forming bonds with people who will advance and grow with you because you believe in the same cause and share the same values.

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Coming from that newfound belief, I have created an open letter to my team... 

Dear Team,

In my more than 10 years of entrepreneurship, my experiences have taught me numerous lessons that continue to make me a better person and leader. Strategic management books have a lot to teach but not until I experienced it myself that I really got to understand what most of these lessons are.

Take for example the basic principles of Core Values. Sure, I’ve learned from school what they are. I continue to read about them. Established corporations and start-ups show them in their websites or company profiles but it never occurred to me that core values can help me make important decisions on anything about us from project management, customer relationships to handling human resources.

Core values as defined are the basic elements of how we go about our work.  They are the practices we use everyday in everything we do. They represent an individual's or organization's highest priorities, deeply held beliefs, and core, fundamental driving forces. In an ever-changing world, core values are constant. It may evolve through time but it is for fine-tuning rather than overhauling.

With these, I would like to reinstate what I know we believe in and the very reason why we have withstood more than 10 years together through all successes and hardships, why we seek to improve everyday and ultimately keeps this bond to achieve our soulful goals of security, abundance, freedom and zest.


1.       Learn and Improve Everyday

2.       Deliver Remarkable Service

3.       Be Passionate, Creative and Fun

4.       Be Committed & Supportive of Each Other

5.       Be Fearless

6.       Be Grateful & Give Back

7.       Maintain Openness & Balance

8.       Live Well & Healthy

This set of core values shall be our guide as we venture to more decades of entrepreneurship, strengthening our culture with goals focused on making us all feel good to be a part of Youphoric!


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