"Learning is as never-ending as love." - Ann Jacobe
Life is My Playground
Tuesday, 21, October 2014

We all go through challenges and struggles every day. I have accepted them as natural catalysts of resistance to our growth. They say that the harder they are, the stronger we become. With that mindset, we might as well enjoy life everyday and the best way to get us to that mindset is to treat Life as our Playground.

Here’s how I view life as a playground... there are 5 areas in our lives where we should play everyday.

One is: The Social Playhouse.

This is about family, friends and community.

Are we enjoying our belongingness and interaction with our family?
Do we find time to be with our friends?
Do we value relationships by honouring differences?

Everyday, we must nourish our relationships with our family, friends and communities where we belong.

Then there is The Physical Swing.

This is about taking time to take care of our physical well being – beauty, fitness and wellness.

Finding time for hair or facial treatment made from home ingredients, long relaxing shower, short daily exercises, preparing simple meals at home or indulging our senses with the aroma of essential oils.

Everyday I do 20 minutes of yoga to start my day and an exercise routine to end a busy day. I love getting massages too.

We also have The Lifestyle Slide.

It is about your career and lifestyle.

How fulfilling is the career and lifestyle you chose?

I chose an entrepreneurial life as well as a healthy and active lifestyle. It is what I love to do. Not everything about it is easy and enjoyable but it is definitely rewarding.

Another area of our Life’s Playground is The Learning Maze.

It is how we improve our craft and nourish our passion.

On top of my core values is to learn and improve everyday. Part of my daily morning routine is to read, learn and practice. I am multipassionate so I rank what I want to do according to my priorities and allot my first 90 minutes of work time to my priority project. It’s amazing how this exercise can accomplish a lot in a short span of time. (Thanks to the great Robin Sharma for this simple and effective tip!)

Lastly, we must not forget to spend time at The Spiritual See Saw.

This is about nourishing our beliefs and strengthening the essence of our being- going to church, praying or meditating.
In the early morning, I have grown the practice of sitting still for a few minutes outside our balcony in lotus position. I spend this moment breathing mindfully, visualizing my day ahead and the future that I dream of and saying a prayer of gratitude and affirmation. It grounds me, gives me peace and a sense of security that everything will be alright and that each day will be wonderful.

At The Playground, we will get to meet these characters:

We will gain friends and allies who believe in us and who share the same values.

We will have competitors – healthy ones who want to challenge the status quo and change things for the better.

We will encounter bullies who are unhappy for us.

Then we have our Guardians. They are the ones who will pick us up when we fall, who will guide us, inspire us and make us smile when we feel alone. God is our guardian. You may refer to the guardians as angels or forces of the universe. One thing is for sure though, they have our back!

It is said that...

As we write our mind start to execute our plan.

A daily journal of our goals and dreams is the best first step for us in taking action for our plans.

While I used to base my dreams and goals on material acquisitions and achievements, my whole view of setting goals have changed dramatically. My goals are now driven by my insatiable longing for Security, Abundance, Freedom and Zest. I’m having fun everyday as I work on achieving my goals.

I feel vulnerable standing before you wholeheartedly sharing the lessons I’ve learned in life.

Enjoy the Little Things.

I used to attend a lot of social functions, wear branded stuff, acquire material things. It felt nice but if I compare it with enjoying simple things like preparing a meal at home, having tea or dinner with friends, bonding with my children – these little things prove to be a lot more meaningful.

Enjoy the Game.

Whether we like it or not, life will give us challenges. Enjoy the game. Everything is temporary. We might be sad today but we will be happy next time and the cycle just repeats itself. So we might as well just enjoy the game.

Enjoy the Losses and Learnings.

I am not always successful in what I do. I do experience failures but each one of them has taught me important lessons to do things better the next time.

Enjoy the Moment.

I'm guilty of not always being mindful. I may be with my children but my mind is thinking of work. I may be at work, but my mind is thinking of something else.

Enjoy the moment because it will make you feel whole.

It’s the secret to happiness.

You are enough.

You are what you need to take you to your dream.

The answer is within you.

Enjoy yourself.


Playing with soulful pursuits in mind keep life in the playground beautifully balanced.

When you achieve balance, you enjoy life fully.


Here's a special guide that can hopefully help you map out your game plan. It's cute and it's funky and indeed very useful! Have fun setting your goals! After all, it's YOUR Playground! 

Life is a game.

Enjoy and play well! 

Ann jacobe

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