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On a Shoephoric High: My All Soles Day Recap!
Thursday, 29, October 2014

Monday night... for a 3rd year anniversary party?

"Baka konti ang pumunta, kasi Monday?"

NO, we were jampacked! We had so much fun for the Shoephoric 'All Soles Day' event that we organized right here at The Playground- it was surreal.

To think that all of this began from one idea which led to another. judging from the number of friends and supporters and fellow shoephorics present I can safely say that shoephoric.com is not just a website, it has become bigger than what it's intended to be. It's a special circle but exclusive to none, it's welcoming to everyone who shares the same passion- the insatiable love for shoes.

The night also was perfect for me to unveil Renan Pacson's beaded masterpiece, should you be interested, it can be customized according to your bead and color preference. Plus, the proceeds go to One Town One Shoe... the best icing on the cake is to transform what you love into something that can help others, this pair epitomizes that. Beautiful and artfully crafted with a big heart.

Speaking of helping others, proceeds from the pairs for bidding that night also went to One Town One Shoe. My heartfelt thanks to Gabby's Closet, Soleslam Manila and Sptero Knows SB for the awesome shoes, not to mention the prizes we gave away to lucky guests.

I personally am grateful to everyone in attendance. Thank you to my Shoephoric team for making it happen. To all those who weren't there physically but are believers of what we do- thank you! I'm on an All Soles Day high right now and to write about it simply doesn't do my happiness justice, you should see how wide my smile is right now!

Stay Shoephoric!

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