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Ann's Dairy Free Ice Cream: A Guilt-free Treat to Beat
Wednesday, 11, June 2014

Who doesn’t like Ice Cream? It’s a treat that brings back our inner kid. It gives us a much needed cool down and it's a quick fix for the sweet tooth in all of us.

When I was younger, I’ve always had a soft spot for these cold treats but because I’m lactose intolerant, the side effects kick in as soon as I’ve finished my cup, regardless of what flavor it is.

And now that I have the resources and the know-how, I can make my own... guilt free and dairy free goodness, without scrimping on flavor, texture and taste!

I introduce to you my latest passion project, a tasty venture into the sweet world of alternative Ice Cream goodness... Ann’s Dairy Free Ice Cream - a guilt free, much healthier alternative without compromising on the traditional and artisanal flavor that we’ve all come to love! It’s Ice Cream after all!

Why Ann’s DFIC?

-          Dairy free

-          All Natural Ingredients

-          Low calorie

-          Low glycemic index (G.I.)

-          Gluten – free

-          No cholesterol

-          High in vitamins and anti-oxidants

-          Helps digestion

-          Promotes good sleep

-          Aids in macular degeneration

And besides the health benefits, Ann’s DFIC comes in a wide variety of flavours... satisfying on the lips, non-fattening on the hips!

With 2 NEW and COOL Arrivals: Fig and Cheese and Pefectly Pistachio

anns dairy free ice cream

Wanna know what you're really in for? How about a mouth watering full description for every one of them? #cravingstartsnow

Berry Strawberry – Sensational Strawberry Ice Cream topped with mixed Berry Sauce – Raspberry, Blueberry and Blackberry 

Caramel Cappuccino – An amazing naturally caffeine free treat made from Chicory, Barley and Ramon Nuts

Macha and Edamame – Mesmerizing Macha Ice Cream topped with crushed Edamame 

Bluer than Blueberry – Double Blueberry Delight! Blueberry Ice Cream topped with Blueberry Sauce

Chocolate Crumble – Refreshing Raw Cacao Ice Cream topped with shaved Chocolate made from Raw Cacao and Coco Sugar

Fruits and Nuts – Chewy goodness! Vanilla Ice Cream smothered with dried Cranberry, Raisins and crushed Walnut 

Sweet Dreams –  Very tempting Vanilla Ice Cream flavored with Tart Cherries topped with chopped dried Cherries

Fig and Cheese – A cool mix of Vanilla Ice Cream smothered with Cashew Cheese topped with chopped Figs

anns dairy free ice cream

Simply not Sinful Vanilla – Pure dairy free Vanilla Ice Cream goodness sweetened with Grade B Maple Syrup 


Perfectly Pistachio – A Perfect Pistachio Ice Cream blend with a healthy helping of greens drizzled with a generous serving of pistachio

It's now available at The Playground by PHS. I'm currently in talks with some distributors- I wish to spread Ann’s DFIC love for the coming days ahead. Give it a try and enjoy your dose of ice cream goodness... sans the guilt.

Indulge without the Bulge!


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