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The Ice Cream Cake Challenge!
Friday, 5, December 2014

Who says sweets can’t be healthy? I’ve always been the adventurous one creating Ice Cream Cakes of different flavours and textures on a whim, sometimes I just let my imagination and taste buds fly. The challenge is to come up with creations that will appeal to even the non-health conscious, they are meant for everyone’s discerning taste, especially those who can’t stop feasting on the sweet side of things! 

The Black & White Ice Cream Cake

As much as this one looks pretty plain and simple with its absence of color, the flavour, texture and taste makes up for it in spades. Made from my special Ann’s DFIC Simply Not Sinfully Vanilla, I’ve flavoured the whole shebang with Black and White Sesame Seeds, while not as sweet, the explosion of flavour and taste will grow on you pretty fast!

 The Avocado & Pistachio Ice Cream Cake

This one goes for pure texture and taste heaven, the pistachio’s crunch contrasts well with the Ann’s DFIC Simply Not Sinfully Vanilla base. The rich consistency comes strong by way of the avocado mixed to the party. The soft crust is a beautiful blend of pistachio, chestnuts and coco nectar. Delicious!

As you can see, I’m on a creative cake roll! Do let me know what traditional cake should be given the Ann’s DFIC treatment... I’ll be waiting!



Wanna try 'em? The Fantasy Mudpie which I posted earlier is P1,500.00 per round tray. The Black & White Ice Cream Cake is P1,200.00. I won't be able to make the Avocado and Pistachio Ice Cream Cake at a reasonable price though because Pistachios are so expensive this season (P6000+/kilo!). This shall remain an experiment for now.

You can call us here at The Playground at 8282298 for orders!

Sweet Satisfaction guaranteed! 

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