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Not Your Average Tita from Manila: Redefining the Stereotype
Thursday, 11, December 2014

The word "tita" is a staple within Philippine circles often entailing the old school side of things... I'm referred to as such and I don't really mind it, but to be referred to as one of the Cool Titas of Manila by www.bench.com.ph is another thing, it's something that made my week!

To be the COOL TITA is to be DIFFERENT and NON CONVENTIONAL, ready to take on change without totally leaving the traditional. I feel that I have achieved a nice balance between the normal and the revolutionary.

REVOLUTIONARY means defying and reappropriating the stereotype. I've always been a REBEL AGAINST THE COMMON AND THE USUAL. I've done the unexpected by becoming a competitive Engineer in an industry labeled as a "Man's World" by the majority. I've turned the tables by becoming a Multi-Passionate Entrepreneur, proving the naysayers wrong. And now, I once again, do the unthinkable with this feature, I accepted the challenge because I want to shatter the myth that a "Tita" can't be cool. I choose to accept the role and change the conventional way of thinking while having fun. 

I can rock sneakers and heels, I can balance out Tango and Hip-Hop, I can rock streetwear that my daughters enjoy, all that without looking over-the-top because to me, age is nothing but a number and along with my fellow Cool Titas of Manila, we are indeed changing the definition of the word with STYLE, SASS and SPUNK. Much thanks to Bench for the feature!

You can check out the feature at http://www.bench.com.ph/blog/the-cool-titas-of-manila/

Signing out!

Your Cool Tita,


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