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If the Shoe Fits: What Makes Me Euphoric
Monday, 15, December 2014
We all have a case of Collector's Frenzy, in my case, I have a very strong craving for shoes! It's a fun passion of mine which led me to meet so many interesting collectors of different age groups, I'm not called Shoephoric for nothing! Haha! 
Mega Magazine just released their December 2014 Issue with a Fashion Feature dubbed as "The Collectors" I was featured with Janina Dizon Hoschka - the Jeweller, Maureen Disini - the Fashion Book Collector and Ingrid Chua Go - the Bag Hag and me of course as that woman who loves shoes! 
Below is my interview from the feature! Thank you Mega Magazine for the love! Grab a copy today!
Be Shoephoric!
1.    How did you get started collecting shoes?
Ever since I was a kid I had a strong fascination with shoes. My mom would always buy me shoes and slippers. In college, I saved up for Tretorns, K-Swiss and DM’s.

Then when I started working, I would buy Asian brands and hoard them when they are on sale. Then I went on to collect American brands and finally, my dream Italian brands. Now influenced by my active lifestyle and the sneaker community that we connect with through Shoephoric, I also collect streetwear-oriented sneaker brands like Nike SB’s and Air Jordans and some runners like Saucony and New Balance. I always see the beauty behind every pair, which makes for a non-stop shoephoric experience!


2.    Why do you continue to collect?

It’s because I am in love with the whole concept of it. The designers, the stories behind the pairs, that “fresh from the box” feeling. I just love surrounding myself with pairs that I perceive to be pretty on feet and even on display as I relax at home when I stare at them in my mini shoeseum.


3.    Which are your favorites?

I actually have a Top 3 List...

The Air Jordan 4 DB- represents a woman’s superhero-like strength and abilities to face daily challenges.

The Louboutin Lady Geek- highlights my love for the intricacies of tech and the svelte elegance of heels.

The Kira Doernbecher Dunk Sky High- symbolizes my childhood love for fairy tale-tinged concepts and designs.

4.    What is your next big purchase and why?

Hmmm to start it off, I want more pairs from Sophia Webster, Christian Louboutin and Zanottis too... and yes, some Chanel sneakers as well. But come to think of it, what would really please me is to start my very own Tango shoe line. For me the Tango shoe is an awesome medium to bring forth a message of empowerment and inspiration to every woman out there. I love dancing, and for me it’s totally liberating. To mix my love of dance and shoes would be a dream come true.


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