"Learning is as never-ending as love." - Ann Jacobe
12 Life Learnings + Digital Planner: My Christmas/Birthday Gift For You
Wednesday, December 24 2014

Once again it's Christmas time! I feel special for having my birthday on December, when friends and family take time to get together and celebrate. This month is always a series of parties that culminates on Christmas Eve which is also my birthday! I think that this is a manifestation of God's love for me.

Every year on my birthday, I make it a point to reflect on what I've learned for the whole year! I broke it down to 12 parts, one life lesson a month (or two)! It's my way of counting my blessings and looking forward to another exciting year ahead.


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Risk and Run Away With It!

It's scary, but sometimes, you just have to leave your comfort zone. When The Playground started, all I knew was I wanted to do it. When you want it so bad, you stick to it and it will come together in the end. When you do something with all your heart, you'll find the strength to make it work no matter what obstacles you meet along the way.


ann jacobe Love Is All Around

This is the ultimate Mommy Month for me for it's the birthday month of my 2 daughters. You should always exert extra effort in order to make your loved ones feel more special. Another additional learning from this month is that we are all blessed with true friends who will always be there for us unconditionally. They deserve our love, respect and trust.


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Keep Calm and Focus


Focus on a solution if you want to get it right. The answers lie within us. Always have the heart and courage to keep at it no matter the cost. Focus means keeping a straight face and giving less attention in pleasing others. After all, it's your ball game.


ann jacobe Celebrate the Small Stuff

This month was all about being grateful and celebrating small wins. These small wins, no matter how small serve as a series of reminders that you are on the right track. You become closer to your wishes for every mini triumph achieved.


ann jacobe

Be Obsessed With Your Dream

Finally, my shoephoric dream of 3 years has materialized through the Shoephoric Shops! It's true that when you are obsessed with something, it will eventually happen and your fulfillment will inspire you to do even more.


ann jacobe Be Unstoppable

Unexpected hard lessons may come our way but in the end, setting your mind to "unstoppable" mode will pay off big time! You'll come out swinging and winning!


ann jacobe Sacrifice Is Gaining Not Losing

In order to achieve long term goals, you should give up temporary pleasures and consistently make sacrifices no matter how small to achieve something significant. Looking at sacrifice in a positive light makes giving up what you want now for greater gains easier and even more inspiring.


ann jacobe

I Am Who I Am

It's about learning to come to terms with who I am, what I’m doing and where I'm headed. Those affirmations helped guide me to continue what I'm doing. Acceptance and affirmation grounds you where you are and where you're at.


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Face your Fear... With Grace

I love sharing my learnings and speaking is one of the ways I can do it. It takes more than a pre-written speech to pull off an engaging and inspiring talk. Charisma and character connect you with your listeners, and I can safely say I'm working my way around it. This was also when things weren't falling into place regarding a lot of things, but bravery connects you to success. I believe that: Intimidations and hurdles prepare us for the role that we are meant to fulfill.


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Milestones Inspire and Create Stronger Bond

Shoephoric is already more than a website. It was an actual community. Our 3rd year bash proved just that.

We also formulated a theory for the team, that we should share the same values and ideals, otherwise those who don't cannot be part of the team. Some of them I had to part ways with but we still remain friends. Caring from a distance, you may say.


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There's A Time To Reap Sweet Rewards

Being inspired and working hard for something really does yield results. If you set your goals and priorities, you will end up with great results. It will do take time and patience but hardwork and persistence gets the gold.


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Consistency Is Everything.

December is a realization that I should remain consistent if I want to succeed in anything I come up with. Staying true to yourself and your mission/vision. Also, being consistently grateful is an empowering way to keep the energy level up!


I am truly blessed in so many ways and I always remind myself to be grateful for these gifts. I know that if I need anything I just have to ask for it in my prayers and in my actions. I know that I am guided to achieve my life's calling. It's not always easy. You get stressed, pressured, frustrated but you remain resilient and confident. Your faith becomes your armor against adversity, you become undefeated!

Here's my gift to you, the Life Is Our Playground Digital Planner! www.annjacobe.com/freebook/2015/index.pdf

Give it a try and do let me know what you think!

Together. let's own 2015!!

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