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Decluttering before the New Year: Staycation Rewards
Tuesday, 30, December 2014
If there's a detox process for the body, we can detoxify our living spaces as well. It's pretty refreshing to just stay home and get rid of all the clutter I've accumulated for 2014. Re-organizing also brings me the opportunity to appreciate again what I have.
Here are some awesome benefits of decluttering/organizing for 2015!
1. Being organized makes you feel good, happy and fulfilled.
2. It clears not just your space but your mind as well. It's really therapeutic.


3. Letting go of what you don't need anymore feels liberating.
4. A garage sale is in order. You get to meet people who are happy to have what doesn't serve you anymore at a much lower cost and it makes you happy too!
5. It's a good bonding with the family when you sort stuff. You go through memories of each item together.
6. Good Vibes Overload happens with cleaning and organization. The attic is a symbol of dreams and future plans. Taking away all the clutter clears it up and gives way for more possibilities.
Also, the girls' room and kitchen symbolize motherhood and matriarchy... Clean and tidy places of that category is about our POWER TO NURTURE AND NOURISH!
Frankly, there is a fine line between actual storage and just holding in all the clutter. Start the year yes, with a clearer mind and body- but a more organized and clean home or workspace adds up to that great 2015 feeling too!
Let's own 2015!
ann jacobe


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