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My 2015 Cleanseploration Adventure
Tuesday, 12, January 2015

“Our bodies are our gardens – our wills are our gardeners.”  -William Shakespeare

Ahh, the word Cleanseploration-is something that I coined for myself and others who may be interested in the process.

After all the eating and binging from the 2014 festivities, a brand new Cleanseploration adventure is in order! Lechon, rice (a lot of it) plus desserts with a lot of sugar, gluten, egg and dairy got me carried way. Blame it on the spirit of celebration. (We all need something to blame, right?)

By the end of my vacation, I was bloated! I felt like I gained belly fat and looking at the mirror, I wasn’t doing justice to the crops I usually rock and yes, the 2 piece I’ve been dreaming of wearing! Plus, my main motivation on top of the physical is my longing for the clarity of space, body and mind.

So here’s my 5-day Cleanseploration journal...



Getting started is the most difficult of all and I’m proud to say that I survived my hunger pangs from morning to late afternoon. Towards the afternoon, I was so hungry that I decided to cut back on my daily activities already.

I usually am used to having just a smoothie in the morning or a light meal composed of sweet potatoes and bananas, I had a smoothie particularly made for pre-cleansing but I was still so hungry.

It’s probably psychological with the mindset that I’m about to experience 5 days without (gasp!) regular meals... nor rice!



day1 cleanseploration 

Today got a lot better! I woke up with so much enthusiasm and energy! I went about my usual morning routine with some office work. My mind was so preoccupied with preparing my home spa that the sudden hunger pangs almost didn’t matter.

All in all, Day 1 was blissful detox wise. So blissful, that it was surprising that I maintained a calm composure and resolve when I was called about a family emergency. Thank God it wasn’t so bad.

In a perfect situation, when you are in the process of detoxifying, you’d wish for all the stress and obligations to be non existent, but reality can sometimes throw curveballs at us. The technique is to condition your mind that anything can happen during your Cleanseploration, you’ll be able to handle every challenge better! Put your mind to rest and think happy thoughts!



 day2 cleanseploration

Day 2 was off to a rocky start.

I was dizzy maybe because I lacked sleep Friday night and wasn't able to prepare my Day 2 juices early enough because I had to do mom duties. Despite this, I was able to get creative juice inspiration by coming up with a Green Juice Chart as a list and guide in mixing and matching different vegetables and low glycemic fruits only.

I slept early Sat night. I slept tight like a baby.



day3 cleanseploration
Day 3 of my Cleanseploration journey was so good! I felt so hyped that I did some organizing of stuff at home. As much as I normally love doing this, it’s pretty awesome to do it as I am in the process of a cleanse! I was also having fun with my green juice experiments. All of them were satisfying and nourishing!

day3 cleanseploration 

I also ended the day on a relaxing note with a massage. Complete Bliss.



I woke up really excited because I just came out successful fresh from my juice cleanse. My celebration consisted of special meals like Sweet Potato Soup and Parsley for breakfast, I snacked on yummy Key Lime Tarts only sweetened by Stevia, and Vegan Caprese for lunch. I also chilled out with Pineapple Basil juice, I was so satisfied with my celebratory meals that I only had a banana for dinner... I was nourished and satisfied, inside and out! 

Post Cleanseploration


Post Cleanseploration


Post Cleanseploration

To cap off my night, fresh herbal tea sweetened with stevia from my herb garden made for a soothing and comforting drink. 



Coming out of my Cleanseploration adventure, it just feels so good that I've regained my clarity of mind and body. It's like a reset button for 2015. To achieve that feeling of serenity is priceless that I won't mind going through the same process again. 

Knowing that I can take control of myself is very rewarding. It's all about willpower and determination- I feel even more ready to take on newer and bigger waves of challenges that life has to offer. Once you've become a believer in the process of Cleanseploration, you'll treat it as an adventure, a challenge, and less of a burden! 

Are you planning to go on your own Cleanseploration journey like I did? I'm writing and assembling The Cleanseploration Guide together with my Doctor and Nutritionist so you may enjoy this rewarding experience too. Subscribe here so I may update you as soon as it's ready.

Much Love!

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