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Music, Lyrics & Avocado!
Wednesday, 21, January 2015
I have fallen in love with 2 things last week...
Jason Mraz's music and the Almighty Avocado!
Let me start with the man behind the music... Jason Mraz has always been on my playlist with a few songs here and there but now that I've paid attention, his songs speak to me, his heartfelt lyricism and wit and the sexiness of his voice incomparable to none. Every song is a tug at the heartstrings.
My musical curiosity led me to an article sharing Jason's lifestyle, I had "kilig" moments that this guy shares the same passion for organic living like I do which is really awesome! Kinda magical even (haha)! From his success he has acquired an avocado ranch supplying restaurants and even soup kitchens... on top of that, he's almost vegetarian which is really inspiring.
This inspiration led me to reunite with my kitchen once more with Avocado as the Star of the Kitchen... introducing the Avocado Pesto ala Jason Mraz!
Process for about a minute 4 Avocado Haas, 1 large bunch Basil, 1 cup Cashew, salt, pepper and chili flakes of you want it a bit spicy.  
Process for another 3 minutes while slowly adding a cup of EVOO. 
- Perfect for Zucchini Pasta or regular/gluten free pasta for a tasteful snack or full meal!
- A great toast companion or a full sandwich spread!
- A refreshing side dish to go with steamed fish or grilled meat!
- Plus, Avocado is a nice source of healthy fat! The kind that's good for the body! As you snack, you stay right on the healthy track!
- Best enjoyed with Jason Mraz music! (I kid!)
More Avocado Adventures to come soon!!
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