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Pretty in Pink...and Black! The Saucony Black Razz!
Thursday, 22, January 2015

saucony black razz

There are shoes that come my way that I like but can do without. I just let the feeling pass and I’m OK.

On the other  hand, there are THOSE PAIRS that get you. Pairs that connect with you, that you just need to have them.

Enter, the “Black Razz” Saucony Shadows.  This had me at hello. Once I saw them, I couldn’t resist.

Drawing inspiration from Black Raspberry Ice Cream, they look much sweeter upfront than they do in the photos, I was completely Shoephoric over them! The materials and the make, the shape, the fit... and I ain’t gonna lie. I am such a sucker for the color pink!

saucony black razz




I can rock them straight up with my activewear or with jeans and shirt. Yes, I dress from the feet up and these shoes make the whole look.

It’s just looks so good with the black accents on them. With an almost 80’s feel,  I can hear a Madonna playlist with them :)

When I hear music to go along with my shoes and I can totally dance in them...they are for keeps!

Oh, did I already say that they are comfortable? Move actively in style! That’s a perfect shoe right there!

Always Be Shoephoric!

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