"Learning is as never-ending as love." - Ann Jacobe
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Thursday, 05, February 2015
If I am to base how exciting my 2015 will be by January alone, then I definitely can't wait!! It pays to make everything count - by action, by plans and with writing as well! Let me usher you in on how my January went!
ann jacobe
1. I began January on the right track by listing down my #Own2015 Goals. Each one of them a step forward for my growth in all aspects. It was a basic step, but I believe the effects will be massive in making 2015 my best year yet!
goals ann jacobe
2. I continued the first month of the year with my "Declutter" Mission which I started last December. It came this time for my body. I made the decision to take my CLEANSEPLORATION journey on the first week of January. It was a great way to aid my body to clean up real good from the holiday binging festivities.
3. That journey strengthened my commitment to live active everyday. Now driven by one of my goals to #BeUltraFit, I was able to balance where I put my time and effort. I made my Daily Ideal Weekday Schedule and try to stick to the plan as much as I can. A written guide helps so much in reminding me of my goals and counter checking my accomplishments.
daily schedule ann jacobe
4. My 2015 also kickstarted with my habitual use of the LIOP ( Life Is Our Playground ) Calendar to list down what needs to be done in each aspect of our "Life's Playground" - be it Social, Physical, Lifestyle, Learning & Spiritual. I insert pages as needed to write all my plans and schedule everything. How I wish it's already an app so I can just click on the box to show a corresponding page for each of these daily intentions.
At the end of the day, before sleeping I write 3 Lessons and 3 Euphoric Reasons, 5  Accomplishments and 5 Small Goals. These make me feel grateful and guide me in making tomorrow a better day. 
daily schedule ann jacobe
5. All these made my month special and different compared to my Januaries from the past years. I am more focused, more determined, stronger, more hopeful and yes, happier than ever before!
6. Everything didn't work according to plan or how I wish they would turn out but I learned how to work around them without losing focus on my daily goals. Instances like these taught me how to be flexible to adjust and adapt to any situation and make it work eventually.
daily schedule ann jacobe
7. I may not have 100 % achieved everything I planned but my nightly writings of learnings and achievements are reasons enough to celebrate a great month and jumpstart a new and better month ahead!
daily schedule ann jacobe
How about you? How did your January go? Do share with us how you work on your goals daily and post your suggestions on how we can all make each day better! 
I can't wait for the rest of 2015 to unfold!
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