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Three Stripe Love: The adidas Superstar Up
Tuesday, 10, February, 2015
If there is that one shoe that can remind me of the good old days then it would be one that is rich with appeal and history. From sports, to music, to pop culture this particular shoe is unrivaled, its appeal encompassing, immortal and still is relevant to this day.
I'm talking about the adidas Superstars. 
They are the epitome of sexy in a shoe. From the court down to arena halls, down to the rap- rock revival of the 90's, this particular model reminds me not only of the ones I mentioned above but my life as well.
My days as a college student saw me pairing these shelltoed babies with either a sweater or shirt with jeans, it saw me as I was running around testing pre amps and speakers with rock albums, from my first foray into motherhood to my first taste of the industry, I was wearing them in different colors, they brought about an extra spring to my leap. But the white with the black stripes is the colorway closest to my heart.
When I saw this hightop version of the shoes I first fell in love with from 1992, I WAS IN LOVE AGAIN. It's like reuniting with an old friend. Nothing has actually changed, the look and feel, the fit when I laced them up, its sheer simplicity and sass. They are beautiful.
What I love the most about this shoe aside from its iconic look is the extra lift it provides with a hidden wedge heel while staying true to the shoe's traditional look, kind of a modern twist to a classic. Also, this shoe allows me to wild out or go subtle with my outfit choices, they match practically anything, for me? The Superstars and me pair up really well! 
Forever Shoephoric!
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