"Learning is as never-ending as love." - Ann Jacobe
Happy 20th Birthday, Toska!
Tuesday, 17, February 2015


My Dearest Toska,

I can't believe you are already 20! I can still clearly remember when we were preparing for your debut. I also remember how beautiful you were in your white gown and the way you wowed us with your waltz and tango. It was a celebration full of love and happiness. I look at you now and I see a beautiful young woman, yet I can still see the adorable baby in you.

Now that you have reached this milestone and you are a term away from finishing college, you are presented with challenges that I'm proud to say you have strongly and gracefully faced. I saw your frustration and disappointment and I know how you felt dealing with them. I'm glad that you always open up with me even just to voice out your hurt. I admire you for neutralizing my overprotective reaction every time. Please don't hesitate to talk to mom every time you feel hurt or frustrated. Please always share your daily experiences with me. Let us not let each day pass without talking how our day went, despite our busy schedules,

My dear Toska, please do take care of yourself. Be strong in times of challenges. Do not be reluctant and complacent in following your passion. Go for it! Your achievement in whatever field you choose to track will give you more than confidence. It will push you to become better everyday.

You are still so young. You have a lot to experience and encounter. Visualize what you want to be when you are at my age then plan your days from today to achieve that vision.

Mom will always be your fiercest advocate and biggest fan. I only want to see you fulfilled and loved like I do unconditionally. Sometimes young love can be a setback if you allow your emotions take over your dreams. Balance is the key. Let love inspire you and others as well to be a better version of themselves by the way you touch their lives.

Love yourself. Don't let others make you feel you are not worthy of unconditional love. Live your dreams. Enjoy life. Mom will always and forever be praying and wishing for your success and happiness.

I love you forever!


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