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Three Striped Shades of Grey: The adidas Tubulars
Thursday, 5, March, 2015
Being a fan of athletic and lifestyle footwear, I sometimes just go for the usual models with the colorways being the deciding factor in what to buy. But there’s a brand that’s been catching my fancy lately. Their stores are staples in my mall destinations everytime I’m making the shopping rounds.
I got the three-striped buzz. There’s something about the brand that draws me in, be it the memories that the classics bring, or the new stuff they bring to the table that makes me excited with every release. See, I’m all for creativity and innovation that challenges the senses and what a sneaker should be. I want something that is satisfying visually and when worn.
And I think I met my Valentine’s pair, though it's already March! And it’s not in predictable red. It’s in a certain shade of grey (!) with a tinge of baby blue thrown in for a good measure.
Meet my sweetheart, the adidas Tubulars... I love how the colors are poured onto the shoe’s sexy silhouette. The curvy nature of the shoe is just so spot on. Named the “Tubular” because of the shoe’s outsole design, molded from inner tire tubes, this is modern shoe innovation at its finest. Not to get all too nerdy on it but I’m in love with the tech aspect of the shoe that you can feel with every step. Literally, like clouds for the feet.
As for the colorway, grey is a very rare color to be used on sneakers. Knowing myself, I go for the colourful and loud ones, but for some reason, the grey color resonates with me. The only pop of color being the baby blue accents make the whole shoe unique.
I am rocking them with a denim-on-denim outfit. Kind of my ode to the 80’s and a nod to sneaker evolution! My heart skips a beat everytime I take a look at them from where I sit.  Grey is a happy color and so is baby blue! 
Colored laces and Happy Faces!
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