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Pop Art on Feet! The adidas Superstar 80's x Rita Ora
Wednesday, 25, March, 2015

I am a huge fan of color. And when a huge amount is applied to my object of obsession, my heart skips a beat and I feel the need to own it. That unexplainable feeling of falling in love with a work of art is something that I'd refer to as a "shoephoric" high!

Imagine my excitement when I saw this Superstar 80s offering from adidas originals. Who wants another Rita Ora Collab? Well, I don't mind... seriously! With the pop art panels down to the insoles, it's all Warhol-inspired greatness that reminds me of comics and cartoons. Yes, Rita Ora is also a staple on my playlist. Her music is as colorful as the shoes she comes up with and I love it!

Predominantly canvas-based, this shoe is indeed a work of art that pops out from my sneaker collection. The best part is that it's art that I can wear anytime I please for me and everyone to marvel at.
As much as I love monochromatic shoes and simplicity, this pair reminds me to be more carefree and free-spirited in my shoe and wardrobe choices. adidas is pretty much taking the cake when it comes to my shoe choices of late. Can you blame me? They've got nice stuff!
But now, I'm still staring at this one. Colorful and bubbly and full of character just like me!
Always be #Shoephoric!
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