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Truly Dedicated: The Gypsy Dream Collection
Wednesday, 22, April, 2015

It's been awhile since I've had something posted here. The main reason is because I've been too hands on and involved in this passion project of mine, something that I've been dreaming of for quite a long time already. I think the universe wants this to happen, finally it did.

When you focus on something you've been aiming to do for the longest time, it will happen, destiny has it, but your determination will dictate your project's fate, I've taken this project to heart and I have a deep personal connection to it. My family, my team... all of us.

The Gypsy Dream Collection sprung from my love for shoes, and my dream to help others. The biggest motivator of all is my Lola, who has exposed me to a stylish environment, her love for the traditional alfombra has given me that willpower to make this happen. A collaboration with the shoemakers of Gapan, Nueva Ecija, I can say that the collection speaks for itself. With the intricate craftsmanship and comfort when worn, they are definitely going to be your go-to sandals and yes, the price is just right! Meant to be enjoyed by women of all ages... just like what the folks in my hometown did.

Best of all, the proceeds go to the Gapan's shoemakers. They are the ones who turned my vision to reality. They are real artisans in their own right, they deserve the world stage in showcasing and selling their creations. One thing that confirms my belief in the project, is that I myself can't stop wearing them. Boho chic epitomizes natural beauty!


I dedicate this collection to my Lola, her love, dedication and style are truly timeless.

To find out more of The Gypsy Dream collection do visit www.shoephoric.com

To shoes and success!

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