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Soaring for More: The KD 7 Aunt Pearl
Monday, 11, May, 2015

There are shoes that take you somewhere awesome. That sweet place that makes you remember the past, appreciate the present and aim high for the future.

This pair of KD 7 "Aunt Pearl" is such a perfect shoe. The white colorway with gold trimmings give it a solemn feel. The winged design give me that illusion of flying! Instant elevation fresh from the box.

Designed for Kevin Durant as another tribute for his Aunt Pearl, this pair also connects with me at an emotional level. You see I'm a lola's girl and this being a favorite in my wardrobe for my Las Vegas trip, I dedicate this and all my adventures to her. It's all about chasing dreams and taking risks despite the odds. For some reason, this shoe has become more powerful than the sum of its parts. Yes, it is a pair of shoes, but when you look at them closely, its reason for being holds heart and history that only KD will understand.

Like any artform, it is open to interpretation and I look at these shoes as my tribute to my Lola everytime I wear them. Am wearing them now here in Las Vegas, virtually a land of risks and dreams- I know my Lola is with me in mind and spirit.

Pretty ironic that everytime I look down at this pair on feet, my imagination takes me to the highest places. If that isn't Shoephoric, I don't know what is.

Always Be Shoephoric! 

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