"Learning is as never-ending as love." - Ann Jacobe
A Soleful Tribute: The Nike Dunk SB De La Soul Low
Thursday, 21, May, 2015

Appreciating this pair in rhyming form Just for a change, deviating from the norm.

This pair was waving to me like a long lost friend, just when they thought dunk SB's were a trend.

The shades of green and cement, were well meant and executed.

The album art off of De La's album loud and never muted. As the green spoke to me, loud and clear.

I even had to double up on my pair. Unboxed it, laced it and brought it for adventure.

This pair will be a witness to all my new ventures.


Green for growth. Brown for keeping my feet on the ground and the yellow for my positive outlook.

To the normal eye it's a hiphop tribute shoe.


I call 'em mine. It's as if the sneaker gods gifted me. Never have I marvelled at a dunk so historic.

Pairs like this define my being shoephoric! 

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