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The Great Leap Made! The Nike Cortez x Liberty
Wednesday, 17, June, 2015

There will always be a point in your life that a rush decision should be made. A leap of faith if you will, because you are aiming for greatness, that you are going for something more.

That leap of faith was made when I was at Point of Lobos in Monterey. One single call of opportunity that led me to mutter "all or nothing" and take the plunge. It was an opportunity that I can't pass on.

The decision was made as I was wearing the Nike Cortez 'Liberty of London' in White Merlin. For some reason as I looked down on them with awe, the thought struck me: that THINGS ARE LOOKING UP for me and my company.

The geometric forms from the Merlin print represent the infinite possibilities that come with every decision I make. They resemble windows of opportunities waiting to be discovered one by one. The colorful shapes symbolize my visualization of what my future would be. Every decision counts... and I made mine.

A classic Forrest Gump favorite given an artful twist, this pair will remind me of my life changing decision. The future looks bright and so does this pair.

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