"Learning is as never-ending as love." - Ann Jacobe
Built to Last: The Blueprint for Improvement
Tuesday, 30, June, 2015

This month was a rollercoaster of knowledge and was quite the emotional powerhouse that I had to face. But with every trial comes a silver lining. Let me share with you my learnings for this month. Not every situation is ideal or the way we intend them to be, but they may be just what we need to improve ourselves and our ways.

To Lead

Leadership is no easy task. It is power bestowed unto you that entails a huge responsibility.

It requires full dedication to take care of the person beside you and make them feel safe, to inspire them to love their work, to lead them by example and integrity.

Be a real uplifter with no agenda but to serve better. Living by example is the most effective way to leadership.

To Innovate

Innovation does not come in an instant. It comes with patience and dedication. I make it a point to learn something new everyday to improve my craft. Those ‘somethings’ will help me reach my goal.

Innovation is one way to add value to the organization that will benefit you and your team. To try new things and work your way around them may lead to innovations of your wildest dreams.

To Improve

I strive to improve my life by looking for new opportunities, not by using and taking away those that are already meant for others.

Someone who knows me said - you haven't really achieved much - have you?

In order for improvement to happen you have to undergo a massive “People Detox”
Stay away from energy vampires, gossipers, negative people, victims, complainers and other unnecessary distractions.

Instead, go with the optimists, dreamers, real friends, family, advocates, mentors and forward thinking people, books and stories for more inspiration. Enrich your mind, body and soul with positive forces and catalysts.

To Achieve Much: The Definition

What is "much" really? If the basis is about lessons learned and experiences gained, I can say without a doubt I have achieved a lot. If the measure is about being tougher, stronger, better, I say I am successful.

This month has taught me that if you have advocates, you'll also have villains. For some reason, they don't want to see you succeed. They'll create lies to hinder you and destroy you. No matter what the villains do, always remember that you are the star of the making of your legendary year.

As long as you don't take away opportunities from others to live their own best year as well, I know that you will remain to be the star of your own extra ordinary year. 5 more months to go for an epic 2015!

Make it happen! Stay focused!



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