"Learning is as never-ending as love." - Ann Jacobe
A Vision of Change and Improvement: Fast Forward. Future Perfect.
Thursday, 16 July 2015
I have new goals - all of them big and bold. They require radical changes. The idea sprung from my need to move my company forward, my desire to serve a community that I believe in - strengthened by my belief of bridging the gap for this community that I respect and hold dear. These are priceless learnings that will open great opportunities. 
Brewing Bigger Better Things 
I'm really excited about it. I breathe, speak, and visualize these concepts and ideas everyday from the time I wake up until I fall asleep at night. 
Fear Limits Your Growth 
Every time I set new goals though there's always my internal "Devil's Advocate" that tells me to wait, pause and rethink about what I want to do. You know what, that voice that will convince you it's natural to look at the negative impact of your plan, the "what ifs" and "fails" will make you look back at your past goals and remind you of the times you fell from grace or the times you achieved mediocre results. They will only make you doubt your abilities to achieve bigger and bolder dreams. 
To that I say: "Stop now you mean voice in my head!" have an answer, a quote from my favorite author Robin Sharma: 
"Live in the future. Dismiss the past.
The only value of the past is what it has taught you to make your future even better."
Start Today 
You are the only one you need to start acting on your goals. You must be the greatest believer of your own dreams. Let not your internal Devil's advocate tell you otherwise. 
Learn from the mistakes you've done in the past. Let your failures guide you to avoid pitfalls. Let them fuel you to achieve greater results. Instead of getting discouraged or weakened by your past experiences, make them your springboard to gravitate to loftier dreams. 
Inspiration on Demand 
Your thoughts inspire your actions, so why not think about positive ideas. Your life will be spent in the future so why not move on from your past. You have no power to change what already transpired but you have all the power to change your future. 
Change is nerve-wracking. It brings uncertainties but it is the only way to innovate. I believe I can achieve my new goals. I know I can make it happen. The future looks brighter.
We can make things happen if we put our minds and hearts into them, after all it is the lifeline of everything we do. 
Of what relevance are labors of love, without the hearts to fuel them?  
With eagle eyed determination, unwavering confidence and a steadfast soul, everything is possible.
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