"Learning is as never-ending as love." - Ann Jacobe
Winning the War of Self
Thursday, 23, July, 2015

Epiphanies happen for a reason.

They strike you at the most unlikely of places and at the most unexpected of times. It happened to me this morning. So many thoughts in my head. Some of them are self doubt and uncertainty... they were episodes of self questioning and re-aligning on where I'm truly at right now.
When a constant tug of war in our heads happens we tend to be thrown out of balance. So I sat down, did mindful breathing to clear my thoughts, I listened to something inspiring. Tried to center my mind on what I want to feel at that moment.
Inspiration comes from adversity. Now I feel much better. It's all a matter of positioning your mind on what you want to feel. The mind plays tricks on us and inner conflict can never triumph within a determined individual. That sudden stroke of inspiration can come from minutes of questioning yourself. Call it an emotional exercise, but to continuously question the self and reaffirm your goals won't hurt. much more, they contribute to our growth as individuals and help bring us to places we've never seen before... to fields of unlimited possibilities. 
Cheers to breathtakingly beautiful moments. 
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