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Stripes Earned: The adidas Stella McCartney Ultra Boost
Tuesday, 28, 2015

I have a fixation on anything that's done with creativity and innovation. Something that comes from pure love for art and form. One that has visual and functional purpose. I believe shoes cover those areas seamlessly and more. My last trip saw me in search of that perfect shoe that epitomizes art, fashion and function. How's a day long search for them? Shoe acquisition anxiety mixed with fiery determination and eagle eyes? Check! I'm head over heels over this particular pair and I was taking no prisoners that day... I HAD TO HAVE THEM.

From chic casual wear... 

 ...straight to workout mode... 

 ...designer status and workout functionality achieved! 

Determination does have its just reward and I found a pair in my size. My friends, the adidas Stella McCartney Ultra Boost. They go right up my alley, the right colorway and design fit for wearing as they would an art gallery with comfort to boot, or boost! They had my heart beating fast the moment I first laid eyes on them. I just had to have them- and I did. A part of a 5-shoe series from the Stella McCartney collab line, this pair in particular got me in on the hunt. I was already on the verge of giving up but it was my intuition that did it for me.

The department store section had them, and my instincts did me well. This shoe was a lesson in determination and patience that the mere sight of them by my hotel room bedside made me feel more than accomplished, it was a ritual, an event that gives the pair more meaning to me. This one will definitely be worn with pride laced with a story that I’ll always have fun repeating over and over in my head. Stripes are earned, not given.

Always be Shoephoric! 

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