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The Elusive User Experience
Monday, 03, August, 2015

I am no Graphic Designer, but I understand front end design and have worked on some graphic tools. I have long given up programming after my Master's class but I truly understand when the back end is not coded efficiently. I work with users and understand what they want. When designing a website, an app or a system, the biggest question is WHAT ARE WE TRYING TO ACCOMPLISH FOR OUR USERS? 

Functionalities, features and workflow must be seamlessly executed through an intuitive user interface. The User Experience (UX) doesn't just mean a beautiful interface. The system has to be efficient, responsive and easy to use. User Experience feedback is the life or death barometer. 

The talk of Josh Holmes on UX Design from the Rise Conference made me think of how elusive great user experience has been. By design, it seems easy but when everything is put together, something just seems to be broken or does not work with the whole scope of a project. 

Josh further illustrated how one's goal for UX starts elegantly only to end up with broken pieces of what we are trying to achieve.

He pointed out 4 tests for a great UX: 

1. It works great
2. It looks great 
3. It relates to you 
4. It generates memories 

UX is a process and it has to be beautiful all the way. It starts with user discovery or how your target users found out about you. Users should be able to experience the app features without having to ask a lot from users such as requiring a log in more so a verification. The app should be engaging enough for your target users such that it becomes a part of their daily life. It starts to create an emotional connection with them. 

It seems to be a straightforward rule in creating a great user experience, but how many websites, app or software have we tried and deleted or never visited again just because it didn't make our lives any easier even from the very start?

Soon, we'll be launching our own iOS app. We've given much time and effort to develop this including making the development process our in-house capability. My goal is for my team to understand, see, experience and self-validate that we have created what our users want and need. We ourselves are part of the intended users. What we want to accomplish is the beauty in sharing, finding and owning something that we hold of great importance. It's an obsession that the passionate can truly relate to in general.

During our beta stage, I want the team to be able to iterate the app such that we'll pass the four tests of a great UX. I think that it's not elusive after all. It's about teamwork, eye for detail and squeezing every single bit of imagination and skill. 

We are not only creating an app but a framework for world class UX. 

Attention to detail prepares you for milestones. 

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