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A Knowledge Buffet: The RISE Conference HK Experience
Thursday, 06, August, 2015



Last week was fun and filling.

I had my taste of Hong Kong’s rich culture. Food, fashion and all.

But aside from those I had a time to nourish that inner hunger for something empowering.

Something to feed my passion for the field that I’m in. I’m talking about a buffet of tasty new learnings from the RISE Conference last week.

And boy, did they have a diverse menu. From a generous helping of topics from drones to the Internet of Things and many more... my main course though was about adding spice to the already profitable plate of app development.

I definitely was satisfied with the experience and I am so excited to share with you bits and pieces of my RISE knowledge buffet experience... dig in!

Adding Flavour to Engagement

  • Treat notifications as the gateway to your app. Engagement takes the cake.
  • Kick start their appetite by showing something more exciting. Something like a taste test for them to enjoy.
  • Give them a taste of what’s happening. Show them something that’s actually happening or a sample of what’s about to go down.
  • Capitalize on the NOW. Feed them the present and what’s about to happen
  • Keep them satisfied with a generous helping of Rich Notification Experience.
  • Thrown in a huge helping of timely and relevant stuff to get them to stick by you.
  • Create updates that speak directly to the audience, enabling them to be curious and interact with the app eventually.
  • Allow your target market to actually consume your content. Instead of merely teasers, give them a chance to sink their teeth into the experience of enjoying your app.
  • Spice up your notifications with engaging content.

Adding More to the Menu

  • Avoid tradition. Forget the legacy. Innovate. – Windows learned that lesson the hard way. Their legacy served as a baggage instead of a motivator for out-of- the box change. Steve Jobs started a clean slate by starting his own mobile ecosystem which led to innovative and tastier ideas.
  • Never rely on past glories. Do something new.
  • Start fresh and start from scratch
  • Prioritize Mobile because it’s simpler. Focus more on essence and functionalities and everything will follow suit. People rely more on mobile so do focus on that if you want people coming in.

Giving Everyone a Free Taste

  • Let users experience your app without requiring them to sign up. Your future audience wants a taste of what is to come. Imagine giving samples of cookies in a mall. They’d want to touch and taste what you offer.
  • Give them a firsthand experience on what they should expect. Teasers don’t work anymore that much.
  • Be generous- Give them something first before you expect anything from them. Always think of their POV- “What’s in it for me?”
  • Consider this as a taste test. Great samples get greater results.
  • Be giving. A warm approach always works.

All in all, the experience gave me a fresh and more tasteful perspective in app creation and development. Think of it as cooking up something special for the world to enjoy. Every ingredient, every added spice and the right skill/taste combination will get you somewhere.

Bon Apetit!

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