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A Reason to be Shoephoric! New Version Up and Running Soon!
Friday March 21, 2014

As you all know, my love for shoes go the extra mile. Whether it is helping a movement, building communities or getting likeminded people involved, I definitely am into turning my passion for shoes my medium in getting the MESSAGE OF POSITIVITY across.

I am more than excited to announce that finally, the latest version of Shoephoric (www.shoephoric.com) will be up and running sooner than you think! The website aims to achieve more interaction with individuals who share the same passion for shoes as I do. It's an online haven that aims to bring everyone together for the love of heels or Air Jordans, it’s basically the same thing... it’s for the love of shoes!

ShoephoricV3 homepage

The new version highlights more exciting contests, our featured Shoephorics as well as exclusive shoe updates and special spots for sponsors. Finally, we have opened the Shoephoric Shop to enable shoe merchants to easily set-up their wares for sale online.

Another reason why I'm so happy with this launch is because ONE TOWN ONE SHOE is finally online! It is our advocacy and the dream we built with the cobblers of Gapan City, Nueva Ecija and the local unit of the Department of Trade and Industry. With everyone’s support we are now launching it through shoephoric.com. ONE TOWN ONE SHOE is a livelihood program that supports Filipino shoesmiths and cobblers by providing them funds, training, design collaboration and online market exposure. Shoephoric will carry a special online shop to highlight and feature the exclusive shoes created through the collaboration of well known shoe visionaries like Renan Pacson, Tal De Guzman, EneriAbillar and the cobblers of Gapan. Their concepts and the pairs themselves are unbelievable! My gratitude goes to everyone who made this come into fruition.

Check out the new site. Hope you’ll join our community of shoe lovers and help support our local cobblers.

To Shoes and Success!

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