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The Beauty of Finding Your Purpose
Monday, 01, September 2015

Sometimes you don't just look for your purpose... it finds you.

That's what happened last week. It was an epiphany beyond compare. To visit the U.S. once again and to be invited to be part of a Philippine panel for fhe 2015 NGO Conference was really something I looked forward to.

Yet  I didn't expect the outcome to be this big. Life changing? You can definitely say that. The impact was massive and the experience was far more rewarding than I expected it to be. Fast forward to the UN Conference room, I felt like what I was doing was only a miniscule part of what UN's cause is all about.

Challenge Accepted

But that did not let it faze me or sway my intentions. I had a purpose, a reason, a cause. It wasn't that clear yet, but I knew I had something special coming up.

I felt like I was given the chance to be here. That led me to the idea that I really do have something significant to share. I always believe that things happen for a reason. This is now.

Modesty aside, I think I did a good job by shifting the tone of the panel from the Philippines receiving emergency aids to having a new generation of social entrepreneurs to provide a source of livelihood for our fellow Filipinos especially in the provinces. We can always start small and create positive changes with every step. Our impact will be felt from the get go no matter how small of a scale we are at.

The other panels, discussions and meetings that I had were all eye openers about how I can improve what we have started when I get back to Manila. The connections and opportunities that we can tap into, as well as the impact and contribution that we can make to further our cause.

The Cause and Effect

I also was inspired outside my UN experience. Everything I witnessed were sending me a message of just going for it and pursuing my wildest and craziest dreams. Being passionate about what you are doing despite resistance or convenient alternatives will see you through.

There's nothing more fulfilling than realizing your dreams one by one. Being true to yourself seems to sound easy but why is it that we often assume a different role? We should break free, be courageous and true to our calling.

If you think you can become bigger than who you are because of your purpose, then what's stopping you? Life is continuous- start small, innovate continuously and think out of the box.


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