"Learning is as never-ending as love." - Ann Jacobe
The Ultraboost Duality
Thursday, 24, September 2015

I've always been a fan of duality. The power of two. Partners in crime if you will. The idea comes from one cannot live without the other. I'm such a fan of that concept that it has affected my shoephoric choices... Call it being O.C. but this purchase tells it all.

Two new adidas Ultraboosts, one is decked out in black, sophisticated and totally versatile, this pair is low maintenance without sacrificing style. This pair carries my rock chick side, that I can pull off in any place imaginable.

The other one, white as snow. Reminiscent of cotton and clouds, this pair is one that carries my soft and sensitive side. A bit high maintenance but I don't mind. I have a deep connection with them and they look so good on feet.

As shallow as it may seem for me to use sneaker buying as a metaphor, I feel that duality defines us. That there can't be good without evil, there can't be love without hate- it's just how the world works and if we can all absorb the good and learn from the bad, we can be better individuals.

For me, life is a beautiful collage of dualities. We need both sides to feel complete.

Just like for my shoeseum, I needed both pairs. It may sound like an excuse for buying 2 pairs in one go, but I just had to.

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