"Learning is as never-ending as love." - Ann Jacobe
The Appstart Academy: And so it begins...
Thursday, 1, October, 2015

Purpose (noun)- the reason for which something is done or created or for which something exists.

I’ve always been focused with creating things out of passion, something that can serve as a springboard or a bridge for pursuits and progress, carefully designed and built from the ground up, tested and honed by experience. Finally, my years of focus has brought me here.

Looking back, I have long wanted to make my contribution and make a mark in the industry that I love. My single minded obsession with it has resulted in a 12 year journey of challenges that built my character and brought me the sweetest of triumphs.

I’ve channelled my resources, energies and time to make this dream of mine a reality. This dream has unfolded in the form of Appstart Academy. I envision it as an institution to nurture and propagate a constantly evolving learning platform for my fellow Filipinos because I know that we can innovate at a world class level.

The next step then would be the search for the first batch of trainers - likeminded and dedicated team members. We are now on the lookout for individuals with talent, drive and the desire to be challenged and to learn as we go along.

My experiences have taught me that doubt can definitely kill the winner. It dampens the human spirit and the will to succeed.  I decided to focus and live without doubting myself or my team’s capabilities...

To be certain is to claim your victory.

It sure pays to have clear cut ideas, well-calculated decisions and a mastery of keeping priorities in perspective.

Appstart Academy is ready.


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