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The Shoephoric App: The Value Of A Dream Come True
Thursday, 5, November 2015

Ridiculous, insignificant, impossible and insane. For others, my dream often falls under any or all of these categories.

I'm a dreamer. Once I believe in something, I keep a mental map of it and see to it that It will happen eventually. It’s only a matter of time I say.

It has always been my goal to have an app since I first started in this industry. I have thought of a lot of concepts through the years but I only persisted in building and growing one. It's the fusion of my love for shoes and tech while bringing something significant to the community that's dear to me.

Never have I been this giddy everyday. It’s like giving birth to something special and taking care of it every single day to make it greater.

Let me share with you what we went through to realize this dream.

In 2008, during the start of the app revolution, I assigned a developer from my team to learn iOS app development. I've been in the Symbian era and I strongly believe that apps will always dominate the mobile market.

We made several attempts through the years but success was not on our side because I know the steps we took were all too risk-averse.

This year however armed with an obsession to create the Shoephoric app, we decided to take a big daring leap by checking out a bigger world outside, what is really out there...

With guts these things ensued - immersive training, prototyping, wireframing, designing, hacking and iterating, until we launched the Shoephoric App. With this, friends and colleagues got curious with the Million Dollar Question...

"How much does it cost to build such an app?"

For the curious, you can see an estimate of the app you are trying to build under this website: howmuchtomakeanapp.com

Just for the heck of it, I tried to get the estimate of how much our app costs. This doesn't include the more back-end heavy shop capabilities and social interaction. And it kind of blew us away! With the other simpler features alone it already costs $45,400!

As of this writing, we are coming with updates and 2 more supplementary apps to make our members even more Shoephoric. They said we were crazy and it won’t happen! Going as far as saying that we're wasting our time and money.

Cheers to shoes and success! Here's to show that when you believe in something and you stand up for it anything and everything is possible.

On top of that, this does not go solely for Shoephoric as it can be translated into other avenues, and for that alone we have our hands full of opportunities that we have yet to reveal.

I cannot wait. This just solidifies my belief that if you have a dream and you go for it 100%, you get to enjoy the fruits of your hard-earned labor, at the end of the day it’s your dream.

No one tells you what to dream, so dream big and make each and every one of them happen!

Be crazy!


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