"Learning is as never-ending as love." - Ann Jacobe
Life Is Our Playground Playbook: What This Means To Me
Tuesday, 16 February 2016

There is always a purpose for everything. An inner meaning behind one's pursuits. Let me share this one with you. 

I created this personal journal last year as a result of my quest for something that will help me declutter and organize my thoughts. Before this digital journal, my dreams, goals and plans just floated in my mind or written in different planners, notebooks or calendars (whichever comes handy).

I was also looking for a planner that will help me balance my schedule and a journal that will show me if I have dreams that will completely fulfill me.

I thought that it will be more effective if I had an integrated tool which I can use anytime, anywhere.

I learned from different inspirational books, talks, experts and mentors great lessons on how we can best create the life we desire. They all say that as we write, our mind starts to execute our plan. A daily journal of our goals and dreams is the best first step for us in taking action for our plans. 

Having found none that has all that I need for a digital journal while still enabling me to physically write on it, I designed my own based on my learnings and experiences as I fill it out everyday.

So here now is the new version of Life Is Our Playground Playbook. It has made my 2015 a great year full of triumphs and blessings despite the challenges that I was faced with. I’m looking forward to an even greater year ahead as I continue pursuing even bigger dreams.

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Together let’s turn the tide and make 2016 The Year of  Unstoppable Wins!

To Our Finest Year Yet!


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