"Learning is as never-ending as love." - Ann Jacobe
A Month Of Reflection and Inspiration
Wednesday, 02 March 2016
There is never an actual season dedicated to one's family, it's an everyday commitment, a labor of love- but if there's a month I solely focused on them, it would be last February. 
My month has been a literal whirlwind of emotions. If it was put into paper, it would look like a wild collage of colors. From the lightest hues, to the most dense of shades. I treat every period in time as a chance to learn something and make the most out of every moment. 
The first week of February was dedicated to travel. It also was Chinese New Year, I had a chance to reset, refresh and reflect. It's something I do on the regular but this one really was on point as it gave me a breather and made me appreciate everything I have and a fresher perspective on what I can do next to achieve my goals from my business to my well being. 
It was also a month of Birthday celebrations. First with Ziska, then Nanay (My Mother-In-Law) then Toska. I was on a natural high in the presence of family and friends. Nothing really lavish and overly extravagant, it was all about being there for your loved ones and letting them know how important they are to you. 
I made every second count, especially with Nanay who passed away just last week. It was then another challenge that I had to overcome. It all boils down to perspective. Nanay is a headstrong woman who I looked up to and I know that she's lived a full life. I really miss her. 
This month was dedicated to family. My pillar of strength. Yes, things may have slowed down this month because of them, but they are also the reason why I do what I do. Why I keep on moving forward and never lose sight of my goals. 
Keep your goals close and your family closer to your heart and everything will follow. 
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