"Learning is as never-ending as love." - Ann Jacobe
Making My Impact Felt: annjacobe.com
Tuesday, 08 March 2016

Ah, it's an awesome time to be a woman. We are simply not the ones to be stereotyped or placed in a category. Our unpredictablility, innovative ideas and attitude never cease to amaze everyone! Women are movers and revisionists, never content, and always in for something new to amaze the world.

This has inspired me to let everyone in my world. A place where I can truly share what I have in mind, what moves me and inspires me, my ideas.

When I started www.annjacobe.com I wasn't out to change the world but I made sure that I had a say and fast forward from two years ago, I can say that I made and am still consistently making my impact felt.

My personal website has definitely grown from the purpose of simple sharing to a fully-packed lifestyle and tech-oriented website with a generous helping of personal inspiration. Because it's growing furthermore, the result is a restructured version of www.annjacobe.com.

Creating Business, Living Well & Staying Inspired

Making the tech side of business friendly

The website aims to make the tech side of business friendly and less intimidating. Just like everyone, I started only with curiosity and determination, it pays to always be dedicated to your craft and to keep your eyes peeled for what's out there. Progress comes naturally with every productive day.

Sharing the fit and healthy side of living

Given that I already have a busy schedule, I realized that to be able to achieve your goals, you need to be at the peak of health- with the right attitude, the right planning and little know-how in the kitchen, you can make a positive difference. being healthy takes intense dedication but it can be done.

Inspiring others through real life experiences and learnings

Life is an unpredictable roller coaster ride and I love sharing life lessons whenever I could. Here's to hoping that you may learn a thing or two from my everyday experiences. Everyday we are all learning and that for me is incredible.

As of this writing we submitted my app to the App Store for approval, I'm thinking positive that it should be released soon. I can't wait to further my contribution in empowering women worldwide. We may all be worlds apart but our connection runs deep.  Cheers! A meaningful International Women's Day to all of us!

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