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Catching Z's and Your A-Game
Wednesday, 29 March 2016


"Sleep your way to the top." - Arianna Huffington, Founder & EIC Huffington Post

I have a hyper active mind. Oftentimes when an idea hits me, it's hard for me to sleep. Sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night full of thoughts on how I could bring my ideas to life. I know though that if I struggle to sleep while my mind is busy visualizing, my productivity the following day will be affected. I won't be as sharp and energetic during the day. So I try to find ways on how I could sleep better and work on my ideas during the day and be more productive.


I write all my ideas down rather than having it floating inside my head. Whenever I do this, I am able to expound them. I derive better ways and create options on how I could execute them.


If an idea jolted me awake, I relax myself to sleep through mindful breathing while lying flat on my back. I find that you only have to focus on a few inhalation and exhalation for you to start relaxing back to sleep, just resist the urge to toss and turn and get drifted wide awake by your thoughts. 


I watch what I eat at night. I try to eat less and I avoid spicy and sugar laden stuff. I actually have a SLEEP HACK that gives me the soundest sleep. You know how good it feels when you doze off like a baby. This is my surefire way to wake up brimming with energy.

Tart Cherry Jello

Medicine journals show that tart cherry juice can improve the quality of your sleep, your sleep duration and help reduce the need for daytime napping.  Drinking this juice boosts the body’s melatonin levels which may explain how tart cherry juice helps with sleep.

I usually prepare this during the weekend and just keep it in the fridge for a ready snack before going to bed.


2 cups Tart Cherry Juice

3 teaspoons Gelatin Powder 

4 tbsp Honey

The natural sugar found in honey slightly raises insulin and allows tryptophan (sleep enhancing amino acid) to enter the brain more easily.

Mix juice, gelatin and honey and simmer. Place in a bowl or mold and refrigerate. Garnish with banana slices or bits and melted chocolate. Both help induce good sleep as well.

Lately, I think I need more of this Sweet Dreams Jello. With the end of the quarter closing in, I'm more fired up to make the most of it and plan for the exciting quarter up ahead and the best first step for me is to head to the bedroom and dive headfirst into dreamland. After all, a good sleep is already winning half the battle.


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